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[quote:184xhr5u]Being sarcastic might be funny but the unavoidable truth is that MOST highschool kids have no idea what on earth a reltainship really entails.[/quote:184xhr5u]
That’s why I said earlier that ideally kids would have adults to help them in their relationships. If they don’t know in high school when will they know? Who is going to show them? How will they ever learn?

[quote:184xhr5u]In Highschool, there is no reason and they can be harmful AND they often take attanetion away from thigns that ARE important in higschool, such as one’s family and one’s studies.[/quote:184xhr5u]
“Can be” is the operative phrase here. Not all are. What do you mean by harmful? How are high school relationships harmful?

[quote:184xhr5u]Actually, sports games etc. are technically unnecessary, but they are enjoyable.[/quote:184xhr5u]
Sports are not done simply because they are enjoyable. That may be the perceived need a young person joining a sport, but often times they also receive unperceived nedds such as leadership skills and teamwork. Learning how to work with peers, maintaining good health, developing motor skills, etc. are all benefits of sports. Plus, for some young people sports becomes a career. Eventually many athletes become coaches and help instill these same values.

It’s not just enjoyable and it’s not meaningless. Beyond the surface there is much more.

Did you have a bad experience in a relationship one time?