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Maybe changing the topic, but what Jon said…

[quote:22ctm8hu]Well, isn’t it just human nature to rationalize certain behaviors even if we have a guilty conscience?

All of us are guilty of this in our own ways. Think back to the last time you were in your vehicle… do you remember telling yourself that 5 mph over the speedlimit is alright, the cops wont pull you over… fact of the matter is you are disregarding the law, which in fact is dissobeying God because in the Word it says to respect the authority that God has placed in your life. Therefore I see using contraception and justifying it as no worse that going 5mph over the speedlimit. Both are wrong and I agree both should not be done. But you cant call someone undevout because they rationalize one thing in their mind to try and cure their concience. Otherwise we would all be undevout speeders <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />