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I certainly didn’t mean to end the discussion, nor did I mean to depress or offend anyone. Like I said, I went on the defensive, because I think it is unrealistic, or a gross over-generalization to call Orthodoxy, a non-entity. This does not, nor do I mean for it to, excuse what I said. I’m hoping that people will understand and forgive, but that is there perogative. This is why I said that if you guys can definitely find better tempered, certainly more spiritually illumined Orthodox to discuss, that’s wonderful. I certainly don’t mind continuing the discussion with anyone. I should probably just insert, as a head’s up, that I tend to make mistakes and say things on top of my irritation sometimes. I try to keep that to a minimum, but every now and then, it gets the better of me. I’m a soul in the struggle between good and evil, and surely never claimed to be a saint.
The least in Christ,