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We don’t have perpetual adoration

we do have several hours of Eucharistic adoration on First Fridays in our parish. The small size of our community and shortage of clergy account for that.

I have been drawn to pray for vocations and have followed the idea and fact that parishes who have more adoration end up having more religious vocations.

We have been 10 years at this parish, I believe the practice of having adoration for several hours every month is new (in this ten years anyways- years ago it was common to have it even more)

But wouldn’t you know

normally our life is very boring on fridays—except now with almost a year of “First Fridays” when there is Eucharistic adoration we have a prior committment—-and I have only gotten to it twice. I could go to another parish where there is constant or Perpetual adoration but I want to pray for our parish

I suppose I could spend more time praying near the tabernacle and quit complaining and ‘just do it”

Perhaps there is something to vocations and adoration—-in the year since our parish started it -today we had a deacon ordained and I personally know some one checking out religious vocation—-perhaps there are more.
Pray on sisters and brothers pray on!