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[quote:42sq6s99]Not sure if this situation per se is in the Cathecism. But I did have a very similar convo with Tim Staples. He is the one that helped me come to this conclusion. Sorry if I upset you man. Wasn’t trying to do that. Your comment of:

[quote:42sq6s99]However, if the teaching of the Church is that it WOULD be wrong, I would change my opinion and fully support that.[/quote:42sq6s99]

That is good enough for me. <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />

By the way my statement was based on my understanding of what the Church would say about this particular situation. My opinions and feelings may sway me in a different direction. That is why it’s so wonderful to be catholic!!! Cause if we disagree we can always say “what does the Church teach?” You gotta love that.


Yes, indeed. That’s why Catholicism is so dang rocking. (Oh, yeah, and the whole “one, holy, catholic, apostolic” thing is kinda nice as well, lol)

By the way Jon, that cathechism site is AWESOME.

Also, I think I might have changed my opinion on this matter. I know that if you are doing something NOT inherently evil, but which may cause evil as an unwanted side effect, it IS alright as long as the good coming from the action outweighs the unwanted evil. I am THINKING that the death of the wife PROBABLY outweighs the good of intamacy, but I am not quite convinced yet.

And when I said that it was God’s decision, I didn’t mean it in the same way as “jump off a cliff and see if He sends angels to save you”, I meant more in the USUAL context in which its spoken about with regards to sexuality. The Church teaches it is God’s will whether or not a child is conceived by the intercourse (which of course it is), which is why contraceptives are wrong, because they take God out of it. I was thinking along those same lines, although I do believe my analogy may be somewhat flawed.

I still think someone should just call up Benedict, lol

P.S. Did I seem upset in some of my post(s)? I most certainly wasn’t… I have greatly enjoyed this discussion. That is the fourth time in two weeks someone on a message board has told me I sound upset when I am not… What do I DO exactly…