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[quote:19brt6yg]True, but we aren’t. We aren’t telling Him to pick and give us a big green or red light.[/quote:19brt6yg]

Your choice to continue to be intimate would do exactly that Uncertaindrummer. You said:

[quote:19brt6yg]I choose to be intimate like God intended, andlet God decide whether or not my wife/baby dies. If He wants them, He will get them. If He thinks thye still belong on Earth, they will. [/quote:19brt6yg]

Is that not telling God to pick?

[quote:19brt6yg]Jus doing what He TOLD us to do. As long as the act is inherantly good, it can’t be evil unless you intend for some evil to come out of it. The more I argue in favor of this, the more I convince myself.[/quote:19brt6yg]

Of course God wants a man and women to be intimate. It’s one of the greatest gifts given to us. But that doesn’t mean he “TOLD” you to continue regardless of the consequences. A situation can change your decision. A good example is God telling us that lying is wrong. Although true, certain situations can justify a lie. Like telling the Gestapo that there are no Jews in your house. Would you lie to save a life? Or would you not lie because God TOLD you not to? See my point?