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[quote:p980nqqs]Another thing: One of them is convinced that religion is the reason for all the problems in the world… there is no convincing someone like that otherwise. It is terribly depressing.[/quote:p980nqqs]

Perhaps a look into a society with no religion will clear that up for him. Would you find problems in these societies? But of course.
My philosophy professor once said “It is human to be religious. It is as if we were programmed to search for a diety.”

Uncertaindrummer, my approach for someone like these two atheist usually revolves around listening to them and asking questions. It would make no sense using bible verses and things of that nature. St. Paul used philosophy and I’m sure limited science with the Bereans and the Thessalonians. But most importantly he spent time with them and got to know them and listened. This obviously takes time and patience. I’m sure there was plenty of prayer in the midst as well.