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I want to thank everyone VERY MUCH for your concerns, and prayers.

Here’s an update of the current situation….

I visited them last night and they all three are doing much better than on Friday. The older of my two cousins somehow only got some bruises, she didn’t get any cuts or serious injuries and she is doing much better now…she pretty much save both my uncle and cousin’s lives that night, Thank God she was ok.

My other cousin is still in the hospital, she probably wont be leaving for another week or two. She broke one of her legs, and they had to put a metal rod in to replace that part of her bone, and they also had to add an artificial hip replacement. But she’s awake now and doing better.

My uncle is doing better too, he woke up on Sunday from his coma. He still has a long way to go though, he has two broken ribs and his entire left side is paralyzed from the stroke that he had that same night night. He also can’t talk yet, or breathe on his own very well. He can nod yes and no for the time being and he writes with his right hand to communicate with us.
Again, I want to thank all of you for your prayers and concerns I really do appreciate it very much. And I know that every prayer helped out in someway or another. Thanks Everyone!!