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[quote:3r92miyw]I’m not doubting that it is a miracle, but these changes from within probably require some sort of input.[/quote:3r92miyw]

Ya I know you weren’t. The norm for mutations we see now is that external factors are the input that can affect a change from within. The cause is the reconfiguration of the amino acids which may or not bring about a new species. This is not where I get stuck or struggle with.

[quote:3r92miyw]So say that climate conditions change and only certain types of food are available. Eventually the body would adapt to be able to produce the enzymes necessary to break down that food.[/quote:3r92miyw]

That’s my point. The necessary enzymes, amino acids, proteins, etc. cannot be produced, due to lack of certain atoms that are not part of the organism. Only 3 things can happen:

1. Wait for millions of years for the RIGHT atoms to attach to it.
2. It will die.
3. God creates the necessary input.