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As I read genesis I see God saying …

Let [b:an522nr6]US [/b:an522nr6]gaurd the tree of life. I notice US to mean Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Is not Jesus the fruit from the tree of [b:an522nr6]life[/b:an522nr6].
“I am the way the truth and the [b:an522nr6]LIFE[/b:an522nr6]”

The tree is gaurded by God.. But don’t we have to enter THROUGH Jesus? Jesus said the the thief “Today you will be with me in paradise” Jesus (God) opened the way for him. The thief entered the garden, through Jesus!

The Garden is seperate from the the throne room. The book of revalations has “the apostles sitting on thrones , around Gods great throne.” The book of Genesis has God “walking through the garden in the cool of the evening!” It is all heaven but again only the children can sit on the thrones.. As the bible tells us. Baptisem makes us Children of God.Dogknox