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Peace be with you all!

Things like this really disappoint me and makes me loses faith in my brothers and sisters of this world. Christan and non-Christan alike. This is so over blow its almost not worthy a reply from the Vatican. But, this material, politically bias world would never relent until it got a response.

If one reads with an open mind and heart it is very easy to not be concerned by any of this, but they love taking their shots at us. This is the cross we bear and should do so with pride and be able to help those who have no understanding understand <img decoding=” title=”Smile” /> I live for these time <img decoding=” title=”Smile” /> lol

[quote:1mt56bgk]”When the compulsory Hitler Youth was introduced in 1941 … I was still too young, but later as a seminarian, I was registered in the Hitler Youth.”[/quote:1mt56bgk]

Lest we forget our History, as revisionists and hate mongers want us to do, this was [b:1mt56bgk][u:1mt56bgk]compulsory[/u:1mt56bgk][/b:1mt56bgk] for all Germans, except Jews, at that time. Failure to participate or at least sign up as one had terrible consequences for both the youth and his family! Further, while he [b:1mt56bgk][u:1mt56bgk]was in seminary[/u:1mt56bgk][/b:1mt56bgk] he was registered in the Hitler Youth.

[quote:1mt56bgk]”… I never went back. And that was difficult because the tuition reduction, which I really needed, was tied to proof of attendance in the Hitler Youth.” [/quote:1mt56bgk]

No one has challenged this point, so it must be true <img decoding=” title=”Smile” /> Again compulsory and reduce cost of Seminary if he was active. Since he wasn’t he penalty was a greater cost for Seminary. Besides, think about this, it is a oxymoron for the Nazis to give a Catholic tuition to go to Seminary and create more Religious. The Nazi’s despised the Catholics near as much at the Jews.

[quote:1mt56bgk]Ratzinger prevailed on a sympathetic professor, who had asked him to attend just once to obtain the necessary document, to spare him even this fleeting connection with a group he evidently wanted nothing to do with.[/quote:1mt56bgk]

They want you to forget the even John Paul II had to do something similar in Poland so he could stay, study, and he had to work for the Nazis. How easy it is to forget the evil and terrible crimes against humanity that these men saw and had to endure! I would like to see the critics, and that a term that means someone who cannot do what the criticize (lol), have to survive without have to do something similar just to survive and live!

Further, these critics cannot be expect to understand what Christ taught us, since they do not except Christ, that forgiveness and love are above all else the most important gift Christ gave us and ordered us to share! If this were not true St. Paul (Saul) would not have been forgive, become an Apostle, Martyred, and Sainted. This is where some non-Catholics and non-Christians fail to understand how a murderer, such as St. Paul, can be forgive and have major influence in the Faithful.

Finally, and I know you can’t wait for this lol, Judge not lest ye be judged! I pray for these people everyday and encourage each of you to do the same. They truly need forgiveness, salvation, understanding, and love!