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[quote:31ygbopp]What I find very interesting is most people coming into the Catholic Church are men and women that were well aware of what they were leaving behind. (Scott Hahn, Kimberly Hahn, Tim Staples, Alex Jones, etc.).

This is where I have observed that the Church has properly and correctly educated the Faithful entering the Church. I have always been impressed at how well the “Elect” have been schooled in the Faith!

[quote:31ygbopp]But the opposite is almost rarely the case. Most Catholics that leave the Church had an immature understanding to begin with. [/quote:31ygbopp]

This is the Church’s greatest weakness! We “cradle Catholics” know less about our Faith then our Protestant Brother and Sisters. This is the fault of the Church. We, the Church, just are not schooling our children well! A disturbing trend I’ve noticed is that this has resulted in many of the Faithful leaving the Church seeking the knowledge and end up finding what they want elsewhere. Granted, some return to the later in life realizing the truth.

If we would just school our child properly from the beginning and have continuing adult religious education, we would have less leave and our Faith as a community as a whole would be that greater then any other, because the truth is on our side! This is at least been my observation.