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[quote:2eb0071i]I agree. We are so special that we ruined our church.[/quote:2eb0071i]

No the Church isn’t ruined, nor do I believe She’d let herself be ruined by us. We are only hurting ourselves but this delusion we are creating. We must stop it and practice our faith in whole and pray for those who are missing the fullness of our faith.

[quote:2eb0071i]It is time to clean house, so to speak, and figure out if we are Catholics or are we a church that bows down to every whim that society can throw at it.[/quote:2eb0071i]

No house cleaning, we need to simply educate our flock better and more completely. We are guilty of our own demise in this country. This has lead to the many moral pitfalls we have and why faiths “adjust” for the times.

The faith can never adjust, then its not faith, its an illusion man creates to justify his sin. Faith is of God and is necessary for our growth and existence! God’s providence provides us these choices. But to make the right ones, we have to listen, pray, listen, and learn. We need to start doing more of this. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />