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I checked out the website. I thought perhaps you might appreciate the reaction of one of those pesky protestants…

Man oh man.

What I’ve noticed about fundamentalist protestants is that they aren’t defined so much by what they’re for as they are by what they’re against.

A cult has to have an enemy, something to focus on in the negative in order to keep their faithful followers from looking at what they teach.

An aside — Every time I read a criticism of indulgences, I think of whacko televangelists and their ‘prayer cloths.’ You’ve seen ’em — ” Friend, if you want a blessin’ from Gawd, just send a minimum donation of twenny dollars and Bishop Bubba will send you one of his personal Blessed Hankies! That’s right, if you hurt somewheres, just rub this Uh-Noin-Ted Blessed Hankie right on the spot and Gawd will reach down and YOU WILL BE HEE-UHLED!”

Okay, I might be pouring it on a bit thick, but not by much. Some of these guys do make me believe in miracles, though, because that’s the only way that mop of hair could stay that color on top of that head…

Okay, I’m getting mean again. Sorry.

I differ from the earlier posts in one respect — I don’t find it funny. I don’t find it funny at all.