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Ah yes. I have seen that stuff before. I had an interesting debate in 2001 about the very contents of that page.

Taken from that site:
[quote:10qx9x2x]The reason why the Catholic religion is so popular is because people are looking for someone to STRUCTURE their life. The Catholic church offers a package deal from the cradle to the casket, from infant baptism to have your last rites read over your dying body. By nature, we don’t like to do anything by faith. I like to see exactly where I’m going to land before I leap.[/quote:10qx9x2x]
Hmmm…the Catholic faith popular? Could’ve fooled me. As far as I’m concerned why the Evangelical/Fundamentalist stuff is so popular is because they make it seem so easy! Just admit you are a sinner and you are going to heaven! Yeah right.

[quote:10qx9x2x]The Catholic religion lays it all out for people to see, a systematic plan…baptism, confirmation, holy Eucharist,[b:10qx9x2x] the rosary[/b:10qx9x2x], marriage, confession, last rites…and much more. It seems like a great way to go, somebody to tell me exactly what to do make God happy. [/quote:10qx9x2x]
Since when was the rosary a requirement, or marriage? Anyway, whatever.