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[quote:2f13fp1p]Why do Catholics look on to the Pope like he someone other than human? [/quote:2f13fp1p]
We do? I must have missed the memo! <img loading=” title=”Wink” />

[quote:2f13fp1p]People call the pope the holy father. God is the holy father….[/quote:2f13fp1p]
Okay, the Pope…

Pope literally means ‘papa’. He’s the living patriarch of the Church. He’s meant to be the top authority and spiritual leader of the church, providing us with an example. He gets a lot of attention from Catholics, the same way that a President does from members of his own party. Some people seriously disagree with the late Pope’s views on a lot of things, and some people think he should be immediately canonized. But lately in the media, there’s so much love and veneration for a beloved leader that there’s no emphasis at all on his detractors.