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[quote:2ov5yi4r][quote:2ov5yi4r]The judgement of each individual person is left to God.[/quote:2ov5yi4r]

I agree with that part, but to call oneself a Christian and hold such different beliefs is silly. To put it ver, very boldly it perverts the true message of the particular group (in this case Christianity) and confuses those who would not know otherwise.[/quote:2ov5yi4r]

In [u:2ov5yi4r][i:2ov5yi4r][b:2ov5yi4r]my opinion[/b:2ov5yi4r][/i:2ov5yi4r][/u:2ov5yi4r] it is a Heresy. Much like Nestorianism[/url:2ov5yi4r] and Socinianism[/url:2ov5yi4r]. I don’t really think they can be considered Christians.

If I understand what I have read about them there are like three flavors of Mormons and each have different belief systems. There is also a extensive history of fights and murders throughout their entire history. They appear very occult-ish from the outside.