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[quote:26q9u9j7]I think it was discussed in Frank Sheed’s [u:26q9u9j7]Theology for Beginners[/u:26q9u9j7].[/quote:26q9u9j7]

That’s the one. Love Frank Sheed. To help further with this topic and the concepts of infinite and eternity read another of his books call Theology and Sanity. These two books brought all of this together for me.

Further, we have to except that God is Spiritual and the Creator. Therefore he is outside of time, since he created it <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />. We on the other hand are of spiritual and material worlds. We are bound and confined by time. Therefore, we cannot always get our minds around the concepts that are God in whole.

As Frank Sheed says, “God expresses himself in perfection through his will. We cannot and must struggle with our limited language to convey this understanding of God.” Paraphrased sorry <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />