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[quote:2qeb3be4]Yes, because the person chose not to love God. God doesn’t put people in hell, people choose to be in hell.[/quote:2qeb3be4]

The catachism refers to this as free will. A gift God gave all creatures in creation. The catachism explains he did this to express his love and by giving us free will WE can choose to love him or not. This is how true love is expressed through choice not force.

[quote:2qeb3be4]Our relationship with God is conditional or unconditional?[/quote:2qeb3be4]

This is tricky, it’s conditional in the case of your salvation. If you choose not to love God then you will be damned. Now if you choose to love and serve God you have met the conditions to work towards your salvation and enjoy the gaces of God. Like I said its a tricky topic becuase of the terms used.

[quote:2qeb3be4]Which supercedes, Love or Justice?[/quote:2qeb3be4]

God is a God of love and a Just God. The go hand in hand. Your love and service to God is balanced with the Justice you recieve for service and sin. he forgives always when you seek the forgiveness, but he is Just too. So there is ALWAYS pentence to pay (justice).

This can get even deeper when the catachism and canon are applied in more depth.