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Yes, I’ve read this before, Stigmus. I peruse Akin’s site pretty frequently, due to his history of reformed tradition prior to joining the RCC.

The first time I was confronted with this was in the reading of Jay Adams’ books, beginning with COMPETENT TO COUNSEL. I was shocked to read his statement that he didn’t tell people in counseling session that Christ died for their sins, because he was Calvinist in his theology and he thus believed in a limited atonement, and his position that he didn’t know if the counselee was one of the elect or not. Despite having grown up in a Baptist tradition, and being now in a Reformed tradition (PCUSA), I wasn’t up to snuff with that part of their teaching (don’t let anyone give you a hard time about poorly instructed Catholics — it’s true in the other traditions, too!).

Tell you what — before I dilute this thread with my own story, I’ll post it in the introductions, unless I’m too embarrassed, and, if so, I’ll PM you, Stigmus…