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I’m going to hop in because, well, it’s fun. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

God gave us a brain and the ability to think for a reason. Yes, we are corrupt and imperfect due to the Fall, but there are certain things with which one cannot argue from a reasonable and logical perspective.

Microevolution happens. Dog breeders, gardeners, scientists — all can prove this easily.

Macroevolution? Apes turning into man, as the theory is often simplified? Perhaps, perhaps not.

What people are often arguing about is not truly evolution, but biogenesis – life from unlife. How would a mass of chemicals take on the aspects of life? Some famous experiments showing that lightning passing through the proper chemical atmosphere would general protein strands have been later proven to be based on false assumptions…so the whole biogenesis thing remains a bit of a mystery.

Even if one can point to life from inogarnic chemicals, you always end back at “in the beginning”. How did the universe start? Where did the matter that became part of what we’ve called The Big Bang come from and what tipped it all off?

The evolution argument is, in my opinion, just a tiny sliver of the really interesting things to question. <img decoding=” title=”Cool” />