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When I saw this post re appear from a year ago I thought what :shock:

Perhaps these newlyweds need lots of advice <img decoding=” title=”Wink” /> just kidding.

I so enjoy being Jon’s MIL as you say, I have to catch myself so I don’t ‘mom’ him too much.

To all you out there in about Catholic’s land I hope my SIL lets me get away with sharing that Steph and Jon’s wedding last August was beautiful. There certainly was enough physical beauty about it—-the flowers, the food, the ‘dress’ the people- wow! ( practically speaking; it wasn’t done with an over-the-top budget either) Anyways, the real beauty was the spiritual beauty these two people shared with everyone. So many people talked about the actual ceremony and how it demonstrated God’s great plan of marriage.

I was impressed when the priest spoke of not forgetting this bride and groom ater their wedding day was over, but to support them in good times and bad with prayers and concern. What wonderful advice!

So folks keep on with the good advice – I think others are getting something out of it too. Just for the record this post went 4 paragraphs before the administrator my <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” /> son in law cut me o…………………………