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Have mercy on us and on the whole world

As I write this post our precious shepherd on earth Pope John Paul is still with us. Somehow I would like to share with you some sad irony that I have just witnessed.

Over 2 hours ago I decided against my better judgement to turn on TV ( we do not have cable so EWTN and other good stations are not available) A national station had broken in with pictures of the vatican proclaiming that the pope is dead. In the conversation that followed the announcer was commenting how beautiful it was that he died with dignity, not connected to tubes, his comments went even further giving way to his opinion that those protesting T. Schiavo’s feeding tube removal were wrong.

The announcer then starts to introduce a priest who he says will talk about the legacy of Pope John Paul. As the priest starts to speak the announcer jumps in to say that the Pope is not dead and that he along with news agencies have gotten ahead of themselves. However in a moment they would listen to the priest’s good stories of this papal legacy. They cut him off and went to regular programming! I guess there is no story in life only in death??

How can we be active for the Lord with end of life issues and still honor these 2 lives that have brought this all to the media and the world?