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Well, from my understanding, public revelation and inspiration (oral and written) ended with the death of the last apostle (mostly likely John). What does this mean? Basically, everything God wanted us to know had an expiration date on it which was John. But that doesn’t mean that the Church had a clear understanding of it. The Lord made it clear that “He will come (Holy Spirit) to help you and guide you into all truth”. <–This isn’t a word for word.
To me that make sense, because isn’t that how life is?
It’s like having a physics course. A book and an instructor to guide you. All the information you need is there, but it will take you a while to come to understand it. Obviously the Apostles had an extra outpouring of Grace to speed their understanding but you still have the human factor that limits them from understanding God fully.

Who can really grasp God fully?
Not me, I have a hard enough time with the things down on earth.
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