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Elka, this is what happens when you warp God’s Grace and man’s free will.
Luther and Calvin just didn’t get it. I don’t blame them on an intellectual level because it is hard to understand. Once again another reason why we need an authoritative Church.
It is one of the most mysterious and difficult questions in the history of both Christian theology and theistic philosophy. Tell me Elka, how do you see man’s free will and God’s Grace working together?

Seems to me like God is pulling strings and there is nothing you can do about it. Although God is more then capable doing that. I dont see what that is accomplishing for the individual. Maybe you can enlighten me?

In the Catholic mind God seeks a relationship and always allows us to choose. To me, that is a very beautiful thing.

God let’s me choose !!!!!

God have mercy on me and pour your loving Grace on me.

Holy Mother, pray that I may have the know how and strength to respond to God’s Grace.