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Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,
Charismatic Renewal is one of the best thing that ever happened in the Catholic church. I was one of those Catholic’s that ignorant about the early church history. The Protestant embrassed this Culture of Worship & Praising. Even Pope John Paul ll recognized the example of this movement. My Catholic faith was renewed because of the Charismatic Movements. Many Catholics welcome the idea but as soon as they get what they need like “Evangelization Retreat”, they turn their back on many good people and disbandit the Charismatic. I have seen many Catholics are dishonest & not sincer. Today, there are many Charismatic Movement around the world and they are bringing many former Catholics and Non Catholics back to the Mother Church. It is ashamed that in the City & State I live, Charismatic Renewal died 10 years ago. Just before I can reach them, this is due to some Catholics do not like the idea. I met so many good people that was once Catholic/Charismatic Renewal & now belong to Non denomination Chrisitian Church and this is what they shared to me why the charismatic renewal fade away years ago.
God Bless :cry: