To my fellow Brothers & Sisters in Christ,
May our father in heaven bless and peace to each one of you.
Debating with the protestant is not the meaning of who we are as Catholic Christian. To follow Jesus Christ & to experience God in our every day life is on how we defend ourselves to many ignorant people. To follow the teaching of our Lord Jesus is where many protestant failed to understant. I debated in the past years of my life and truely thought that I was doing a noble thing and following God’s will, but I was dead wrong. I began to exault myself and no longer glorifying God. After 15 yrs have been away from Catholic faith, our Lord Jesus Christ have given me a new meaning in life. For the last 5 years through Jesus, God is working his wonders to many christians alike and coming back to the only church that Jesus of Nazareth in trusted to his apostles nearly 2000 years ago. The Catholic’s has nothing to be boast about, because God has it’s plan. We will not be judge base on our religion but on how we live our life according to the teaching of our Lord Jesus and the Prophets. By reading the scriptures from the Bible we gain knowledge and through knowledge we gain our faith. Don’t worry about missinterpretation just many Catholics fear about. If there something you do not understand, ask the priest, bishop and teachers of the church. When we teach about Catholic, be truthfull and be honest. Never judge others like some Catholics in the church. Above all, show the Love, Because this is the Greatest of all. See, the protestant, failed to understand that Jesus is not somekind of product to sell. Jesus is the Salvation and it is not for sale. Jesus is for everyone who accept him freely. Our responsibility is to live the authority of God gave us and to spread the Good News. I encourage everyone to start reading the Bible and ask the Holy Spirit for a guide. Through Jesus ask our Father in heaven to be the instrument of his peace. By all means, share our Catholic faith and let the Holy Spirit change their heart.. Be alert to those protestant that speak everything from the Bible. Because Jesus have warn us about the true and false teacher in Matthew 7:15-23.
Good Bless. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />