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[quote:d9whllql]Wouldn’t the people who sign that petition have to live within the judge’s jurisdiction in order for it to mean something?[/quote:d9whllql]

I don’t think it is a jurisdictional issue. I think it is a public opinion issue. If it were a jurisdictional issue, then the petition authors would have closed the petition to those who live within the catchment.

The question of jurisdiction is hounding the fate of this poor woman. There are several levels of government involved, each saying something different. It is my understanding that ‘we the people’ is also a level of government and a force to be reckoned with.

Certainly you have a pointed to the possibility that this question is a constitutional something if not a constitutional crisis.

While the lawyers are figuring out jurisdiction and constitutional limitations, then the benefit of the doubt should be with ‘we the people’; in your case ‘you the people’ since I am Canadian.

Ask yourself what harm can come of signing the petition? None imho.