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Hi Sue – there is no trick to the sacrament. How fulfilled you feel really depends on you – let me explain.

I’m going to make an inference from your post that you had a certain degree of expectations of what it would be like after you made your first confession. Unfortunately those expectations were not met.

My experience is that it partly depends on the priest and it partly depends on yourself. Sometimes you won’t get a big response, much discussion, etc. from the priest, sometimes you will.

What I like the most is the fact that someone listened to me, offered some sort of advice and that I actually heard the words of absolution. I really like hearing that and knowing that I gave a sincere confession and that I was forgiven.

I generally like to follow that up with a prayer of thanksgiving (after I step out of the confessional) and doing whatever the penance is. I think an appreciation for the sacrament takes a little practice.

Anyway, that’s my view. <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />