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Very pretty use of background graphics, and it follows a reasonable pattern, which makes it readable for the disabled (my friend uses JAWS, an OS for the blind, which reads webpages to her, and the way some things come out is insane).

Maybe I’m just odd, but I don’t like most designs where only one column of the page is taken up with content. It just kind of niggles at me, because it feels (to me, at least) like the space could be used more economically. Also, the image of the beach took a very long time to load; I was already browsing the page, wondering why there was this big blank spot at the top, before it appeared. Maybe if it were in a different format (as opposed to .png, which has wonderful image quality but is huge) there wouldn’t be that problem.

About the Services page– there’s a broken link to “The Importance of a Good Design” and I don’t know that the hover-text option when explaining the different services is the best, since people who need explanations (broad generalisation here) might be confused by the mouseover vs. a link.

And then just a niggly- in the body text, links show up bright blue, which doesn’t fit the colour scheme.