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I thought of starting a new thread concerning “family radio” but decided it is better to just add to this one.

I really do not like to bad mouth other people’s beliefs, but “family radio” takes the cake. “Family radio” is a network of Christain radio stations like no other I ever heard. I don’t know where to start. The owner has a call in radio program that airs weeknights 9:00 pm. He is a self-appointed know it all when it comes to the Bible. He predicted that Jesus was going to return in 1987, but of course, he did not interupet scriptures correctly then…….. But he knows now that the year is 2011. (He read up on it) Yes, he does not know the day and hour as the Bible states, but he knows the year! :rolleyes: He even said it most likely will be the Fall.

It gets worse. He quotes (distortes) scripture to say that God has decided before a person is born if they will be saved or not. It dose not even make sense. There is nothing we can do to “save” ourselves. We just have to “hope” that we were chosen. “The church age is over.” Meaning that no one is to go to [b:3ekf495y]any[/b:3ekf495y] church anymore. <img decoding=” title=”Sad” /> We are to listen and give money to “family radio” of course. He is not only anti-catholic but anti-church.

This is not a local guy. He is international. Please don’t ask me how he comes up with all of this. If you want a hoot go to http://www.familyradio.com. You can wade though the site, but its best to listen to the radio live there. During the day it is mostly like any other christain radio. But come 9:00 pm (eastern time – at least in Erie PA.) it goes bonkers. If you decide to call in…. good luck. He will not even allow you to make your point before he cuts you off and goes on with his “truths’ from the Bible.

Am I the only one here to hear this?