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[quote:jmu68pb3]Is it still not acceptable even through my situation?[/quote:jmu68pb3]

Christi –

We Catholics know that marriage is more than a legal document or a romantic interlude – that marriage is a sacremental. Assuming that you are a practicing Catholic, you know that you cannot partake of the Eucharist when in a state of mortal sin – you were taught this as a child and understand how serious it is.

When the Priest is asked to prepare a couple for the sacrement of marriage, he wants to be certain that the couple understands how serious this sacrament is.

As Catholic Christians, we are required not only to avoid sin, but to avoid the “near occasion to sin”. The Church tells us that running on the wet muddy riverbank is not a smart thing to do <img decoding=” title=”Smile” /> When you are young and in love, having the love-of-your-life in a bedroom just down the hall COULD be a real temptation.

We are also called to avoid “scandal”. Scandal is something that some consider old-fashioned and out dated because we have been influenced by the culture to think that as long as you don’t hurt anyone else, what you do is your own business and what someone else thinks of you really does not matter. The Church knows that we are part of a the Body of Christ – and says that each of us is a living example of Christ, we are His ambassadors to the world and to each other. With such an important responsibility, how things “look’ does matter. So, even if you and your boyfriend are living together in the same house and have never ever ever sinned by having sex outside of marriage – there could be a young girl at Church who is thinking about moving in with her boyfriend, and she looks up to you – she thinks that it must be okay for Catholic Christians to live together without being married because she saw you doing it. Without ever intending it, you could lead that person into a sin!

As someone who was young, not that many years ago – let me ask you a question. If the doctor found a mysterious allergy and said that your finacee would die if you lived under the same roof – there was a vaccine, but, it would not be available for one year – would you find a way to make the finances work out? Sure you would – if you had to sleep on a friend’s couch or move back in with your parents, you would find a way to live separately for a year.

By finding a way to live apart now, you have the power to enter into a sacramental marriage and just think of all the blessings that flow from such a union!

Pray – pray the rosary every day – ask our Mother to give you the strentgh to make the right choice.

Peace – Kage