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[quote:12gd8yhq] … What’s the link to your parish website? … [/quote:12gd8yhq] I will PM you with that information.

[quote:12gd8yhq] … Speaking of the Knights – I keep getting pestered to join at my parish, however I don’t feel I should considering I do not have the time to invest. It’s not a matter of making time either. My job at the parish requires me to be working with the kids at specified hours which would inhibit me from attending meetings and such.

I really don’t want to commit to an organization if I am not capable of contributing. What are your thoughts on that? Would it be beneficial, from an honest point-of-view, for me to join without being able to contribute? … [/quote:12gd8yhq] You may be surprised on how you might be able to help. Can you spare an hour a month or an hour a week? If you can, you might be able to help more than you realize.

I make it a point to go to confession on the first Saturday of the month and attend Mass afterwards. The first Saturday in January this year was when the Knights were going to take down the church Nativity scene. I got there about half an hour earlier and stayed half an hour later and was able to provide much needed assistance. [b:12gd8yhq]Total Extra Time:[/b:12gd8yhq] About an hour.

Last week our parish instituted a new traffic pattern because of construction being performed at one end of the street. I made it a point to get to chuch a few minutes earlier and while my family went inside, I was outside helping to direct traffic until I heard the church bells ringing. Then after Mass was over, instead of heading to my car with my family, I once again went to direct traffic for several minutes. [b:12gd8yhq]Total Extra Time:[/b:12gd8yhq] 10-15 minutes

Tomorrow the Knights will be serving breakfast after all the masses. Immediately after mass, instead of going home and eating, my family will go over to the parish center to grab a bite to eat. While my family is eating, I’ll be helping to cook and serve the food. [b:12gd8yhq]Total Extra Time:[/b:12gd8yhq] 15-20 minutes.

Next month we’re going to be raising money for the handicap. When my wife goes food shopping at the local supermarket, I will be standing outside the doors with a cup asking for donations. I’m going to be there anyway but instead of pushing a cart around inside, I’m going to devote that time to standing outside seeking donations. [b:12gd8yhq]Total EXTRA Time:[/b:12gd8yhq] 0 minutes.

Every little bit helps and recall that Christ said that he who so much as offers a cup of water for Christ’s sake, will not go without his reward. This is not to say that we should be doing this with the thought of getting something back but scripture does tell us that charity toward others in the name of Christ atones for a multitude of sins and the main goal of the Knights of Columbus is to perform works of Charity.

What’s also nice about the knights is that once you achieve a certain level, that level is recognized no matter where you go. I earned my 4th degree when I lived down in Florida. When I moved to PA a couple of years ago, I was coming in a a 4th degree member.

I can’t comment when you should personally join the knights but I will tell you that I find it very fulfilling.