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Oh, yes I have…lol.

When I was in college (mind you this was within the last few years) there were guys that would come to campus regularly and stand on Northrop Mall (a giant grassy plaza in the middle of the main part of campus) and preach their message.

These people would draw great crowds – mostly of students standing there mocking him – but nonetheless they got attention.

One day there was a guy out there saying that Jesus didn’t make a church and that following any church or organized part of Christianity was not necessarily bad, but certainly not good. We were to follow Jesus and not man-made religious rules, etc… (I’m sure you know the rest). :rolleyes:

This guy wasn’t specifically targeting Catholicism, but what he was saying really irked me. So I actually had the courage to go talk to him.

MAN, I WAS NERVOUS! I was just shaking and everything because I had never taken on someone like this before. :shock:

Anyway, I started asking him about the Church being the pillar and foundation of truth and somehow we got into baptism and other stuff. Eventually he was like “you’re [i:3vihjs3i]Catholic[/i:3vihjs3i], aren’t you?” I acknowledged that and we moved on, but then he started telling me how he was some superstar football player for Notre Dame back in the day and then he found Jesus and all that, but it was certainly not by being Catholic.

The conversation was all nice and peaceful and we respected each other until the end. Somehow the topic of worship came up. I asked him, “if we’re not supposed to go to church then how do [i:3vihjs3i]you[/i:3vihjs3i] worship God?”

He goes, “Well it says right here in John 13 that….”

And I said, “No, how do [i:3vihjs3i]you[/i:3vihjs3i] worship God?” (emphasis on the you)

Then he wouldn’t talk to me anymore. He just refused to say anything after I had backed him into a corner. So, it was a rather interesting experience. In fact I still even have his tracts that he handed out.