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[color=darkblue:10miqykp]Well…My work is with guys here in Florida in about a dozen different prisons.
Some are even in the new Faith Based dorms and prisons, but that program is in a mess because the state has taken it over and by and large the wardens, officers and such could really care less about it. Or are actively hostile to both the program and the prisoners.Basically it’s not a bad program if run by the Chaplaincy and not the prison admin guys. The motivation is that they have stats that show that prisoners who have a deep religious experience while in prison have a very low recividism rate compared to the rest of prisoners. This is not all about our Catholic governors faith though…if they can reduce the number of prisoners and get them low and keep it that way then the states can save their money. so it’s not really altruistic. Almost ALL of the programs were designed and opened by non-Catholic fundies and evangelicals and I can assure you that they DO indeed target Catholic prisoners for evangelism and it “ain’t nuthin’ nice” as the guys say. Take all the vehement anti-Catholic rhetoric & literature that you find on the street and put it in a high tension, captive environment with our guys already messed up from doin’ whatever they did to get busted and sent to prison…and then include the fact that they may see a priest or EM or deacon maybe once or twice a month and the sacraments are not there and NO one will help them learn more about their faith and their families don’t know any better and you have a whole lotta people who are ripe for the pickins, by aggressive evangelism from other inmates and preachers.

Do I think that we could do a great deal better in reconciling these people to the Church and society? Is His Holiness a Polish Catholic and a great man?

There’s more: Consider Hebrews 13:3 and Matthew 25:31-46…
Pax vobiscum,