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Hmm a little biography eh? No worries! <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />

I’m 28 (sigh). I’m not a born Catholic (due to chinese parents with buddhism backgrounds). Fortunately, as a primary school kid, my aunt (who was educated in catholic schools) brought me to Sunday school for a while – and that’s how I first found Christianity. Unfortunately, it didn’t last due to my grandparents’ protests I believe.

In 1990, after a not so pleasant first year in high school, my father (on advice from friends), decided to put me in a catholic school in Singapore dedicated to the Virgin Mary. I started going to mass and learning cathecism from a brother. I started RCIA in 1992 and wasn’t able to complete the course as I’ve finished high school and was about to move to Melbourne, Australia. That brother wrote me a letter signed by the parish priest, and with the help of some catholic friends, I was baptised (and confirmed) on March 6th 1993 in Melbourne. I was just 16 then.

My father was actually taught by methodists in his youth. Though not baptised, he once told me that he believes in Jesus. All of my 3 sisters are baptised christians.

My girlfriend is Catholic too and we enjoy visiting the many churches in our area. In case he’s reading this, I just want to say that “Father Peter Quin, you rock!!”.

Besides being a catholic for life, the other thing which I do for life is kendo, but we shall not get in there. <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />

Thank you so much for creating this forum, dear administrators. It’s a great way to share and to praise!