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Hello Enoch

I neglected to say Welcome in the introduction section.

I too am on a faith journey, I was a Protestant, then a tepid belliever in Christianity, converted to Catholocism when a parent re-married, and years later comfortablly settled into the Catholic Faith. I say comfortable in the fact that I will not leave the faith.

I appreciate your dialogue, but I do not feel I have been ‘led by the nose’ to or from the truth. I have been led by study- yes, by alot of prayer-yes, but mostly by this spirit we both call God.

I am not comfortable in the Catholic faith from the standpoint that so many who profess this faith really have no clue what our God truly wants from us. We (myself included) just go along thinking that one day on the weekend for one hour is good enough time spent with God.

I am makiing a guess that the way I differ from you is that I believe that it takes more than baptism to find my heaven after my earthly death. That would be believing in the Body and Blood of my savior Jesus Christ. (and by having God within me by consuming the Body and Blood)

To a non-Catholic that may appear cannibalistic. Even to myself if I just look at Eucharist all by itself. SO WHY WOULD I CHOOSE A RELIGION BASED ON SOME MEN’S STUDY AND INTERPRETATION OF THE BIBLE???? Very very good question! Once again it is not my ‘nose’ I was being led by- it was study, prayer, and God Himself, and the practical fact that those Catholic studies have originated with Jesus Himself (unlike other religions who’s founders have a much later birthdate-even other Christian religions)
and these truths have withstood the test of time and the test of human failings within the Church.

I am glad to respond to you Enoch

my responses include alot of emotion and verbage-but the faith parts I feel confident about. <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />