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Hey there! I came from a church that sort of broke off from the Baptist church, the Grace Gospel Fellowship. They are considered Ultra-dispensationalists (don’t know if anyone knows what that means but that’s what they are). I appreciated my church and read my Bible. I learned a lot from the Bible and tried to live for God. I came to a point in my life though where I decided that I was tired of living a life for God and decided to do what I wanted to do (party, immorality, etc.). Luckily, that only lasted about a year and a half and I wanted to get back to church. I couldn’t go back to my home church because it didn’t feel right anymore and also my girlfriend (and now wife) was raised Catholic and you know the differences in worship, etc. So we decided to go to the Episcopal church, a sort of Catholic Protestant in a way (similar to Lutheran), but filled with immorality (which I found out two years later). But during that time, I was exploring the roots of the church (history and early Christian writings) and found it pointed to the Catholic Church of today! I also found out what the Catholic church [i:21c4mgzx]really[/i:21c4mgzx] says rather than the stereotypes I was brought up to learn. I read the Catechism and a book called Unabridged Christianity which answered many of my questions and objections. I encourage both of these books on your journey. It wasn’t a quick transition for me (about 2 1/2 years) but now I can’t imagine being anything else than Catholic!