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Peace be with you all!

As a Marine, once a Marine always a Marine, the Corpsman were your best bud! You took extra-special care of them. In Desert Storm our Corpsman was probably safer then most people in there beds <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />.

I will add both servicemen to my prayer list. For they are the tip of the Sword of Freedom. If I could request a prayer for my nephew, he is in Iraq and was one of 5 victims of a car bombing 3 weeks ago. Daniel is fine and has returned to his unit with scares and a warrior’s spirit! His friend on the other hand was badly injured and is just now returning to the States.

[i:19uqurkj]”I pray all that so serve to protect our way of life are granted wisdom, peace, and courage to do what they must and return home to the ones that love them. Further, that if they are called home to Our Father, they are prepared to go and that the grief of their families is eased by the knowledge that they did what they were called to do and that their sacrifice was to protect the weak, our nation, and the safe future of our world. – AMEN”[/i:19uqurkj] [i:19uqurkj][u:19uqurkj]Fred Stemp[/u:19uqurkj][/i:19uqurkj]