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[quote:19bx081p] Kerry basically said he can’t legislate his beliefs on other people. What is wrong with this guy? [/quote:19bx081p]

I recently was listening to relevant radio and there was this analogy:

If you saw a child the train tracks with a train coming, would you feel obligated to help the child? (Most people would say yes! of course)

Well, wasn’t it the child’s or the child’s parents choice to put him on those tracks? They have the free choice to do that and noboby else should force their beliefs on them. It is the same thing as having “choice” about abortion.

If you new about the terrorist attacks and could do something to stop them would you feel obligated to do something if you could? (again, people definitely say yes)

Well, it was their “choice” to smash the planes into the WTC, you can’t force your beliefs on someone else.

If you are not going to legislate/work for what your true beliefs are, why legislate anything?