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Yes, I agree. It is getting a bit tiring to have to decipher all of their messages and ideas. I wish both of them would just answer the question stright up instead of starting off on a tangent and throwing out numbers and voting records.

[quote:37ekovoh]I was praying throughout the debate that the questions of both abortion and embryonic stem cell research would surface. It was the first time I saw Kerry uncomfortable on the court room er- excuse me the debate floor. On the other hand I was so praying that Bush would just plain say that abortion is wrong and he won’t stand for it. ( I am glad that he did defend the unborn however).[/quote:37ekovoh]
Yes, Kerry looked very uncomfortable during both of these issues. I think he has taken a lot of heat throughout his campaign because he is a Catholic. I know there have been many vocal Catholics about his position on stem cell research and abortion.

Kerry tried to use the good ol’ “we must push science forward” argument to justify his position. And then, what really got me was, he states how we must do the embryonic stem cell research [i:37ekovoh]ethically[/i:37ekovoh]! How do you do embryinic stem cell research ethically?

Something I have read in news reports is that there has been so much progress made with adult stem cells and umbilical cord stem cells compared to embryonic stem cells. Not one single cure has come from embryo stem cells. And you know what? I hope it stays that way.