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Thanks for the observation Jon. I am starting to tire with the candidates, it is tiring trying to decipher what the statistics and terms they throw around really mean.

Normally I do note a difference in the way the two parties handle domestic concerns like health–but I could not make out the health plan by either party. Perhaps it was just fatigue on my part.

In today’s news Kerry is criticizing Bush for the shortage of flu-vaccine. Do I understand wrong wasn’t Kerry just( as in the debate days earlier) criticizing Bush for not accepting cheap drugs from other countries, for not accepting them before safeguards could be done?

I was praying throughout the debate that the questions of both abortion and embryonic stem cell research would surface. It was the first time I saw Kerry uncomfortable on the court room er- excuse me the debate floor. On the other hand I was so praying that Bush would just plain say that abortion is wrong and he won’t stand for it. ( I am glad that he did defend the unborn however).

I dunno, perhaps I should just stop listening altogether and spend the viewing and reading time praying that our country is open to God’s voice in this election.