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[quote:rr9pvfxs][b:rr9pvfxs]Jon:[/b:rr9pvfxs] It may cause division initially, but perhaps if given time your story of faith will move others in your family to follow in your footsteps.

Perhaps you will have the strength one day to be a witness to your parents and share the good news of the Catholic faith.[/quote:rr9pvfxs]

That would certainly be amazing and I will always look forward to the day. My parents are very wonderful and loving people but are very set in their beliefs. I would like them to at least understand what I see in the Church but I don’t think that they will ever become Catholic.

Dispite all of this, I feel that I need to do what’s right.

I’m not living in fear of my family or of separation, but I know it will certainly make them upset. They will always love me and they will always believe that I will love God.