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Hi Benedict,
I’ve heard of the concert. I went this year. I think it was originally orgainzed, a few years back as a much smaller thing to raise money to help restore the basilica. It’s grown more and more, probably, more than the organizers at the church ever thought (just my guess, anyways) I’m sure over they years they’ve just gotten sponsers, like the Cities 97 radio station-big in the twin cities area, which have brought in the bigger bands. This year the headliners were Counting Crows, OAR, Five for Fighting, and Shawn Mullins. There was a lot of alcohol-but I was glad to see a MADD (mothers against drunk driving) station there, that were passing out wrist bands to adults 21 years and older, who weren’t going to drink, and they got free soda because of it. The alcohol consumption and party atmosphere was definately prevalant- however it was inspiring when right before headliners counting crows came out, the priest, can’t remember his name, from St. Mary’s came out and said a blessing on everyone present. Kind of brought as all back for the real reason of the even in the first place.

Those are just my experiences <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />