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Jon-while not aways agreeing with you(it is a mother in laws job I think <img decoding=” title=”Wink” /> ), I really appreciate your bringing forth the ‘flip side’ as it were.

If the only opinion I saw here echoed my own, how could I ever understand anybody who disagreed with me?

I wrote a personal message to invite jeratboy to stick around, in writing that it made me realize something.

Think of Mother Theresa—if she did not listen to all those non-Catholic people who espoused a religion and poitics entirely different from her own would she have been able to do all those ‘works of mercy’

I know its an emotional plea-the only kind I am good at these few days, but I feel everyone visiting this board does so to see what’s going on in faith, and faith in politics. I appreciate all the posts-even when some of them are difficult to think about.