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I would like to know what programs are removed that people can’t live without.
Every country thought there were WMD.
I did not know that this was the Democratic Convention.

“There are so many more things to consider about a candidate than his or her stance on abortion that I think it is foolish to consider or not consider a candidate on that criterion alone. <img decoding=” title=”Neutral” />

There is nothing else to consider unless both candidates have the same abortion views. The number of victims war, death penalty etc are no where near the number of abortions. All of American war dead from the Revolution until now is about 7 months of abortions. If you use worldwide numbers I think China alone would pass those.

I won’t be back here. I thought this was a message board on Catholicism and not a place to rationalize being a Democrat.[/quote:1148bakn]

I am sorry jeratboy is leaving, I find myself agreeing with him about the democrats. Although I do not agree that this website promotes one party or the other.