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[quote:1nlc6adj] [i:1nlc6adj]I know[/i:1nlc6adj] that candidates, who do not have the moral conviction that life starts in the womb,may not have conviction to place [i:1nlc6adj]right vs. wrong[/i:1nlc6adj] in other areas of their administration.[/quote:1nlc6adj]

If you are speaking of John Kerry specifically he was just recently quoted that he believes life starts at conception. It was all over the news (I think).
[b:1nlc6adj]Read about it here.[/url:1nlc6adj][/b:1nlc6adj]

Now, on the flip side, to counter your statement, just because one [i:1nlc6adj]does profess to believe[/i:1nlc6adj] that life begins at conception [b:1nlc6adj]does not translate[/b:1nlc6adj] into to meaning that he or she has conviction to place right vs. wrong in other areas of his or her administration either. I fail to see how the belief or unbelief (or the profession thereof) of life beginning at conception is a powerful determinant in whether a candidate is well-qualified to hold a high ranking government position. It is nonsense to me.

In order to judge a candidate’s worthiness we must look at his or her whole record and not just one thing. It’s absurd to do otherwise! [b:1nlc6adj]It’s not even Catholic[/url:1nlc6adj][/b:1nlc6adj]!

[quote:1nlc6adj]Back to another question—would we have the moral obligation NOT TO VOTE???[/quote:1nlc6adj]
I have heard mixed opinions on this one. Some priests say it is our moral obligation to vote and some say not to vote if there is no candidate that embraces all your values.