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I started reading this post in prayer, and certainly continue to do so. Unfortunately it sparked some of my own anger

go figure!

What I mean is this, from time to time I have pondered the question of why everyone seems to accept and basically tolerate (put up with) situations where men fly off the handle. When the anger has subsided the issue is no longer discussed—-it seems like folks just accept this is part of a man’s makeup.

I ask you this question; what generally comes to mind when a woman does likewise? Is she menstrual? unstrung? unstable? a nut case? or a female dog?? It seems to me that folks don’t easily dismiss angry outbursts from the gentler sex.

I get just as steamed as the next person over things, but boy I would feel mighty bad if I let others witness my temper. Its a guilt thing.

I wonder is it just me? Is my outlook colored by my experience? My experience is this: My biological father was an alcoholic whoseanger was life threatening to his family. My stepfather also has a temper (verbally, not physically, displayed), and everyone dismisses it. When my dear husband displays his dislike of a situation (he does not blow up often, or have tantrums) again I dismiss it like it is a trait that men never grow out or grow up about.

I do however have no problem what so ever displaying what I call righteous anger, or justice for the less fortunate. (In my younger years I marched a drunk marine out a a restaurant with my hands on his collar-he was harassing my friends—-I was not even a physically big person at the time) In more recent years I confronted a group of teen age thugs who had set their rotweiler (sp?) to tearing down a newly planted tree in a public park. Looking back either case I did not act very practically for I too may have been torn to shreds.

What I am saying

the anger is in all of us all the time over certain situations. Why do we tolerate it in men whom we like and love yet do not seem to do so for women????

I do not mean to turn this into my own psycho-analysis, but is my viewpoint similar to others or has my experience in life made me march to a different drummer? <img decoding=:” title=”Question” />