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In fact, in many respects, the Republican and democratic Parties have reversed. If I asked you to name the President who said;
[i:3kd7emer]It is a paradox of our time that tax receipts are too low because tax rates are too high[/i:3kd7emer], I’m guessing you would say George W Bush or maybe even Ronald Reagen. The truth is that that quote was by John F Kennedy.

Up until recent years, our new friend the [i:3kd7emer]conservative democrat[/i:3kd7emer] would have been the norm. Now, they are the exception. Whereas the party of the Bible values, low taxes, Gun rights, and life used to be the Democrats, those things are now anethema to the party.

There was a time when the typical Democrat was a Bible believing, family values practicing, Blue collar working stiff. Now, the party has become so hostage to the trial lawyers, unions, abortion promoters and special interests that they have lost their identity. This has caused many prominent Democrats to become Republicans-Ronand Reagen for instance.

The party has increasingly become entrenched in the inner cities while ceding the South and the Mid West to the GOP.

You really should read [i:3kd7emer]A National party no more[/i:3kd7emer] by Zell Miller. A retiring Democratic Senator who has more time in the Democratic Party than any current Senator except for Robert Byrd.
Miller was the keynote speaker at Bill Clinton’s nominating convention but will now give the Address for George W Bush.