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See I have no problem with the idea of marian devotion.
Jesus was the perfect man and He, therfore, perfectly fulfilled the law.
The law says [i:v1cygr5h]honor your Mother and father[/i:v1cygr5h]. Jesus would not merely honor her but would do so perfectly. If Jesus honored her, how can we go wrong by doing so?

As for the issue of hell, you inadvetantly expressed my dilemma.
You refered to hell as [i:v1cygr5h]paying the price[/i:v1cygr5h]. That is just the issue.

The price can never be paid. A soul never suffers enough to [i:v1cygr5h]pay the price[/i:v1cygr5h]. It is just hard for me to grasp the idea of no mercy ever.

If a soul suffers in hell for 1 million years, it has not even begun to pay it’s debt. It is a very difficult doctrine.
Like i said, I accept it…but to say it isn’t difficult…well, i’d be lying.